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There’s no question that finding the right canopy installer can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. But if your search has brought you here, we welcome you to Awnings & Canopies Leeds. We are specialists in preparing and installing extended roofing to the outside of your property.


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What is a Building Canopy?

Before you order a canopy, it’s essential to know what a canopy is. Building canopies are products made from various materials, such as aluminium and steel, that are attached to the exterior of a building. A canopy provides protection from the weather and is commonly used:

  • Above walkways
  • Storefronts
  • Windows
  • Building entrances
  • Patios
  • And more

Building canopies come in different sizes, lengths, colours, maximum loads, and more. When choosing a canopy, it’s important to consider what your canopy needs to do.

What Does Your Canopy Need to Do?

Canopies come in many different versions, making it essential to choose the right canopy for your property. Before choosing a canopy, ask yourself what you need the canopy to do. Are you going for an aesthetic appearance? Do you need sun and weather protection? What are the building codes if you’re in a commercial building?

Choosing the Right Canopy

After deciding how the canopy will be used, along with the key components needed for the frame, it’s time to choose a canopy of the right size.

A key question is: How big will the canopy need to be? This question has something to do with the length of the canopy. However, it’s also necessary to determine the depth of the projection when the canopy is attached to a building. This ensures you can maximise the space under the canopy.

Is UV protection essential? If so, it’s important to choose a material that offers protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, you’ll want to choose the colour and finish of your canopy. These not only add visual appeal and comfort, but they also can expand the canopy’s use.
Choosing a quality canopy product is also essential. So, be sure to look for the CE marking, ISO certification, and an assessment from construction watch dogs such as Construction Line.

Finally, you can also choose a bespoke canopy that’s customised for your property. This is a great option if a standard canopy option doesn’t work for your property. You can choose the materials and other aspects of the product to ensure it is the best option for your requirements.

At A&C Leeds, we offer a wide range of canopy styles, so you can choose from traditional or contemporary designs. Our canopies are made from fabric and frameworks that can match your home and your design preferences. We also offer motorised versions or manuals, whichever you prefer. Our motorised canopies also come with a vibration sensor as standard. If the canopy is left open and high winds come up, the canopy automatically closes. So, your canopy won’t suffer damage in high winds.

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What is Your Budget & Timeline?

Next, it’s important to consider your budget and timeline for your canopy. Each of our canopies Leeds comes at a different price point and turnaround times. For instance, if you’re working with a tight budget and need the canopy quickly, you may want to choose a less expensive canopy that is prefabricated.

Who is Installing the Canopy?

It’s also imperative to determine who will install your building canopy. The focus needs to be on a company that offers the right canopies to fit your requirements, budget, and timeline. There are three ways to have a canopy installed:

Hiring a general contractor or subcontractor

A specialist company to do the installation 

The building owner can do a self-install

At Awnings & Canopies, we take pride in providing superior installation services. We install our canopies using a successful procedure that ensures your canopy is installed correctly.

Who Are We Awnings & Canopies Leeds?

Awnings & Canopies has been in business for over 30 years. We have experience with the supply and installation of al fresco shading and weather protection products for domestic and commercial properties.

In addition, we offer personalised, high-quality customer service, along with extensive knowledge and experience with each of our products and their installation. We make sure you receive the best solution that fits your budget and the area to be covered.

Here’s what you can expect from our canopies business:

Expert factory trained installers

Finance options are available

30 years of experience

Excellent customer service every time

What Do We Offer?

We have canopies and covers to fit your needs and your domestic or commercial building, including:

Aluminium verandas

Awnings & canopies

Retractable roof systems


Personalised Canopies

When it comes to our canopies, they offer the protection you need. Our canopies offer protection from sunlight, rain and improve the aesthetics of your property. We offer a wide range of styles, designs, and colours to ensure you have a canopy that fits your property. We can help with the following:


  • Made to measure canopies
  • Retractable canopies
  • Contemporary and traditional designs
  • Tracked and electric canopy systems
  • Canopies from the top manufacturers, including Weinor, Gibus, and Luxaflex

We’re Your Local Canopies Leeds Experts

Whether you want traditional covers or stylish retractable designs, you can find them with us. Our canopies offer an exceptional look to your property.

Our experts can help you choose the proper canopy for your property, whether that be your home or business. They take the time to offer advice and guidance on choosing a canopy that meets your needs. They offer a wide range of images and ideas to help picture the canopy installed on your property. We can also help suggest the right size and product to suit your needs.

When it comes to installation, there’s no need to fear it will take ages. Our professional installers ensure the work is done quickly and mess-free. You’ll have a canopy you can be proud of.

If you’re searching for a canopies Leeds expert, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our products & services. Let us know how we can help you today!

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